Recent Publications

Financial Education and Account Access Among Elementary Students. Written by J. Michael Collins, Elizabeth Odders-White, & Kasey Wiedrich, April 2014

When the Meaning of Home is Financially Exhausting: How Families in Foreclosure are Motivated to Exhaust Their Wealth. Written by Hannah Thomas, 2013


Housing Instability among College Students Written by Katharine Broton and Sara Goldrick-Rab, October 2013


Financial and Future Planning for Siblings with Special Needs and Disabilities Written by Katherine Anne Dahlem, 2012


Integrating Financial Capacity Building Into Public Programs Written by J. Michael Collins, February 2011


Money $mart in Head Start:  Financial Education and Outreach with Head Start Families Written by J. Michael Collins et al., 2011


Public Libraries as Financial Literacy Providers Written by Catherine Arnott Smith and Kristin Eschenfelder, October 2011

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