CFS RDRC Funding and Training Opportunities Released

CFS is pleased to announce the release of four training and funding opportunities supported through the Social Security Administration’s Retirement and Disability Research Consortium (RDRC). The CFS Retirement and Disability Research Center (CFS RDRC) is one of four Centers of the Consortium, all of which offer training and funding for research in retirement and disability topic areas.

  • Junior Scholar Intensive Training (JSIT) 2023 Summer Workshop: Howard University’s Center on Race and Wealth (CRW) and the CFS RDRC annually conduct the Junior Scholar Intensive Training (JSIT) Summer Workshop. This week-long workshop, held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, brings together PhD students, newly graduated PhD researchers, and junior faculty who are interested in topics related to disability and retirement research. View the full description and link to apply HERE.
  • Retirement and Disability Social Policy Extramural Mentored Fellowship Program: The CFS RDRC EMF Program is an interdisciplinary program providing mentored fellowships in the field of retirement and disability research to early career researchers. Up to three extramural fellowships will be awarded for junior faculty (those who are non-tenured, postdoctoral researchers, or those in dissertator status). View the full description and link to apply HERE.
  • IRP Extramural Small Grant on Poverty, Retirement, and Disability Research: The Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) in collaboration with the CFS RDRC have funding to support the study of economically vulnerable populations related to poverty, retirement, and disability policy. This small grant program is designed to expand the reach of poverty research into issues related to retirement and disability policies and programs. View the full description and link to apply HERE.
  • Social Insurance Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF): SURF is a competitive, four-week, in-person program housed at UIC that will provide promising undergraduate students with an introduction to social insurance; the policies surrounding the social safety net; research investigating these programs, and their impact on economically vulnerable populations.View the full description and link to apply HERE.
  • A comprehensive list of Retirement & Disability Research Funding Opportunities is available on the Social Security Administration’s website: