CFS RDRC Webinar: Health, Health Insurance, and Financial Security

Lack of health insurance and underinsurance threaten the near term and long-term economic security of households approaching retirement. For lower income households near retirement but not yet eligible for Medicare, Medicaid may reduce financial hardship caused by medical bills, improve savings for retirement, and change use of Social Security benefits. Whether Medicaid significantly improves the financial health of households near retirement informs how Social Security beneficiaries will fare once they reach retirement.

This January 31, 2023 webinar explores this topic with the researchers, Katie Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor & MPP Program Director at Biden School of Public Policy & Administration at the University of Delaware, and Keisha Solomon, Research Scientist in the Department of Economics at Howard University. Webinar discussants include Kabir Dasgupta, Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve, and Caroline Gomez-Tom, Outreach Specialist with Covering Wisconsin.