Wisconsin Ideas At Work

University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Financial Security Summer Workshop and Extension Fellows Research Series

The Center for Financial Security (CFS) is supporting a new paper series and workshop to support Extension educators’ scholarly work. The paper series will be posted on the CFS website and circulated to CFS audiences.

“Wisconsin Ideas at Work” working papers are up to 2000 words (maximum) using a standard template provided by CFS. Articles can be a mix of literature reviews on financial capability topics or targeted audiences, summaries of innovative programs or strategies, as well as empirical studies that help make the case for financial capability programs. All papers will undergo a peer review process and be subject to revisions and approvals before being made public.

Submission: email  cfs@mailplus.wisc.edu 

 “Wisconsin Ideas at Work” paper submissions can be submitted any time at cfs@mailplus.wisc.edu (full papers are not required for the conference).

The goal of this work is to connect Extension programming and practice initiatives to CFS research efforts and ultimately improve the financial well-being of Wisconsinites. Extension Educators will receive support and mentoring to use research to improve financial capability outreach, education and community partnerships.

For examples of Extension-related research papers see the Journal of Extension: https://tigerprints.clemson.edu/joe/