Household Finance Research Seminar, held weekly on Thursdays from 3:45-4:45pm

Our Spring 2023 HHF Seminars will be held virtually via Zoom and sometimes in-person in 1199 Nancy Nicholas Hall. View individual seminars listed below for mode.

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With over 50 faculty affiliates across departments at UW-Madison, as well as more than 50 fellows at other institutions throughout the nation, The Center for Financial Security is pleased to provide a platform for sharing some of the most exciting and innovative early stage research in the household finance realm. Join us every Thursday of the academic year for a seminar from 3:45-4:45 pm for this multi-disciplinary exploration of household finance research.

Spring 2023 Speaker Calendar

January 26: Cayte Anderson, Director of Research, UW-Stout, The Utilization of ABLE Accounts and Other Tax-advantaged Savings Accounts: A Scoping Review (Virtual only)

February 2: Brielle Bryan, Assistant Professor, Rice University, Implications of Child Incarceration for Women’s Wealth and Labor Market Attachment (Virtual only)

February 9: Kate Pennington, Research Economist, US Census Bureau in the Center for Economic Studies, The Impacts of Racial Differences in Economic Challenges on Housing, Wealth, and Economic Security Among OASI Beneficiaries (Virtual only)

February 16: Harold Pollack, Michael Levere, Guglielmo Briscese, University of Chicago, Improving financial security for people with disabilities through ABLE accounts (Virtual only)

February 23: Motohiro Yogo, Natalie Cox, Professor of Economist, Princeton University, Financial Inclusion Across the United States (Virtual only)

March 2: Molly Costanzo/Lisa Klein Vogel, Ph.D. student, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Parents of Children with Disabilities in Retirement: Economic Well-Being and Benefit Adequacy (In-person & Virtual)

March 9: Samara Scheckler, Research Associate, Harvard University, Pathways Into and Out of Homelessness: The Role of Frontline Workers to Promote Social Security Benefits Uptake and Housing Security for Adults 50 and Older Living in the Boston Area (Virtual only)

March 23: Stephanie Moulton, Faculty Director of Research, Ohio State University, How Does the Death of a Partner During the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Economic Security of the Surviving Older Adult? Evidence From Credit Panel and Labor Force Participation Data (Virtual only)

March 30: John Nunley, Alan Seals, Christopher Cruz, Professor, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, The Effects of Automation Technologies on SSDI Applications and Awards (TBD)

April 6: Nicole Hair, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, COVID-19 Health Disparities and the Economic Security of Families with Children (Virtual only)

April 13: Dan Sacks or Anita Mukherjee, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Consumption smoothing effects of Medicaid expansions (In-person & Virtual)

April 20: Jevay Grooms or Madelaine L’Esperance, Assistant Professor, Howard University, Social Security Administration’s Growing Interest in the Child Tax Credit and Other Child Driven Income Support Programs (Virual only)

April 27: Erin Bronchetti or Melissa McInerney, Associate Professor, Swarthmore, The Long-run Effects of Workplace Injuries on Older Workers: Earnings, SSDI, SSI, and Early Retirement (Virtual only)

May 4: Katie Jajtner, Assistant Scientist, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Effect of Public Policies on Work Disability: A Life course Perspective (In-person & Virtual)

May 11: Yang Wang or Muzhe Yang, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Disparities by Race/Ethnicity and Sex/Gender in SS(D)I Applications and Awards (In-person & Virtual)

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