Household Finance Research Seminar Resumes January 2020 on Thursdays from 3:45-4:45pm

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Spring 2020 Speaker Calendar

All seminars will be held in Room 1199 of Nancy Nicholas Hall. Click the Calendar icon to download the iCal for this series.

January 30: Sara Stith, SNAP-Related Work Requirements and Disability Claiming

February 6: Madelaine L’EsperanceDisability and Wealth: Exploring the Liquid Asset Trajectories of SSI and SSDI Applicants

February 13: SSA RDRC Focal Area Meeting

February 20: Anita Mukherjee, Lost and Found: Claiming Behavior in Abandoned Retirement Accounts

February 27: Yulya Truskinovsky, Caregiving and Labor Force Participation: New Evidence from the American Time Use Survey

March 5: Erik Hembre, Local Variation in Housing Assistance Programs and SSI Takeup by People with Disabilities

March 12: Melody Harvey, Do Standardized Testing Requirements Enhance Mandate Effectiveness?

March 26: Katie Jajtner, TBD

April 2: Lydia Ashton and Nancy Wong, Trends in Conversations about SSDI in Online Forums

April 9: Mary Hamman, The Demographics of Aging in Place: Implications for Current and Future Supplemental Security Income and Receipt

April 16: Atheendar Venkataramani, TBD

April 23: Stephanie Moulton, Housing Wealth and Economic Security in Retirement: Does Borrowing from Home Equity Increase Adherence to Prescription Drugs?

April 30: Padmaja Ayyagari, Nursing Home Use Expectations and Wealth Accumulation Among the Elderly

May 7: Stephanie Rennane, Employer Incentives in Return to Work Programs

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