Brook Berg

Family Engagement & Relationships Outreach Program Manager
Eau Claire

Financial Security Work: Brook Berg is an Outreach Program Manager for Family Engagement and Relationships, within the Institute of Human Development and Relationships. Prior to this role, she was an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Development and a Human Development and Relationships educator in Eau Claire County. She has focused her work around strengthening families through prevention and education. With an emphasis in social emotional development and parenting practices, she has taken a leadership role in building community capacity for the health and well-being of families and the communities they thrive in. Brook’s work on digital parenting education initiatives and the impact of family adversity on mental health have both been areas of research and impact. Brook has worked as the executive director of a multi-county non-profit organization, a technical college instructor, parent educator, home visitor and mental health specialist. She has a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies from UW-Stout.

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