Sherry Daniels

Associate Professor
Human Development and Relationships Educator
Portage County

Financial Security Work: Sherry Daniels is an Associate Professor for Human Development and Relationships, under Youth, Family and Community Development. Her focus is on building financial capability. Sherry trains community volunteer coaches to offer free financial coaching to community members, under the structure of Financial Wellness of Portage County. Those who are financial wellness clients give feedback based on the Family Financial Security Team 8-question core survey.  She also trains student coaches to do peer-to-peer financial coaching at UW-Stevens Point. This has evolved into an association on campus, called the Financial Literacy Association. Sherry has developed an evaluation, used by the area Reality Fairs, based on Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Personal Financial Literacy.  For Dollars During Development she targets low-income Boys and Girls Clubs to read financial books and gather data. The parent guides and books taken home also have a reference to free financial coaching through Financial Wellness of Portage County.  Research and outreach has included focusing on ways to measure improvement in financial capability.

Additionally, she has experience working in the private sector as a business owner, mortgage loan originator and a facilitator for The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Sherry has a Home and Family Education Bachelor of Science Degree from UW-Stevens Point and a Master of Science degree in Business Management from Baldwin University in Baldwin, KS.

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