Nancy Vance

Associate Professor, Human Development and Relationships

Family Living Educator
Clark County

Financial Security Work: Nancy Vance, Associate Professor, is the Human Development & Relationships Educator for the University of Wisconsin-Extension Clark County.  As a financial educator, Vance places a focus on helping young families achieve financial wellbeing and planning for their future financial successes.  She has co-chaired the “Small Savings Big Dreams” workgroup since 2015, encouraging families to begin saving early for their children’s college expenses.  This work resulted in Vance, along with her other team members, receiving national recognition in 2019 as the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) recipients of the Financial Management Award.

Vance has continued teaching families about the importance of financial wellbeing through many different venues across the county.  Head Start families receive eight monthly financial newsletters during the school year that extend opportunities to attend financial programs.  She continues to promote the Governor’s Financial Literacy award-winning “Check Your Credit Report Campaign” throughout the year.  Developing partnerships with the local libraries and proving activities and educational lessons throughout the weeklong event, she has coordinated all of the Money Smart activities throughout the county.

Since 2015, Vance has contributed to the “Dollars During Development” (3D) workgroup.  The partnership with the Bureau of Consumer Finance’s “Money As You Grow Bookshelf Program” resulted in the development of parent guides (written by Wisconsin Extension educators), used nationally to help teach children money concepts throughout the use of children’s literature.

Vance has been the recipient of several “America Saves” grants to promote the importance of saving for emergencies as well as volunteering as a Junior Achievement educator for school-age children.

Recognizing the current impact of the stress of financial uncertainty brought to the forefront of rural life, Vance is working with other Extension agriculture educators and researchers on promoting resilient farms and families as well as understanding how financial stress affects communication among family members.

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