Financial Coaching and Medication Adherence: Introducing the “FINMed” Coaching Model

The report introduces a new intervention called “FINMed.” FINMed is brief, solution-focused financial coaching session designed for people facing new ongoing out-of-pocket medical expenses or a pattern of problems paying for ongoing health care needs. The coaching involves:

  • Determining the patient’s health goals and motivation
  • Planning for the costs of health care
  • Setting up a process to make sure the patient will have the funds needed when the next set of care (e.g., refill or therapy session) is due

This reports present research into the relationship between household financial behaviors and the ability to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, particularly prescription drugs. Overall, households struggling to manage their finances appear more likely to skip medical treatments due to cost. In turn, failing to follow through on a medical treatment can lead to higher costs and worsening health status.

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On June 28, 2017, we held a webinar outlining the FINMed model. Access the webinar recording and more information here.

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The authors are grateful to MetLife Foundation for supporting this project. This project builds on research supported by the Vilas Associates Research Award and The Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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