Center for Financial Security and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Finances Research Workshop

rwjf-hss-dark-greenThe intersection of health and finance is an increasingly linked area of study that continues to gain traction in research and policy. Collaboration and discussion across disciplines and sectors of health and financial well-being are fundamental to the progress of these fields.

On June 1, 2016, the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin‐Madison, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, hosted a Health and Finances Research Workshop to convene faculty and researchers across UW-Madison and the Center for Financial Security and related centers on campus to explore existing research and to foster future research ideas. CFS initiated this effort to discover innovative research opportunities as well as nurture this growing community of scholars committed to building the field of health and finance research.  

Literature Review

Event Brief

Event Video

This event provided an opportunity for researchers interested in exploring the nexus of health and financial well-being to hear what other researchers are currently studying in this area and to spark interest and potential collaborations for future work. This daylong event began with an overview of existing literature on the topic of health and finance presented by CFS hosts, Justin Sydnor and J. Michael Collins. Three panel discussions on the financial effects of health followed; the first focusing on current research, the second on community work, and the third on emerging research.  The event offered a forum for discussion of research ideas and funding sources. Throughout the event a videographer documented the discussion and panel presentations, as well as conducted short informal interviews with event attendees to create a short event video. A Health and Finances Event Brief summarizing the event panels, discussion and next steps is available. A Health and Finances Literature Review was created as a companion to the event by CFS and provides a thorough overview of existing research in the field of finances and health.