Spring 2022 Speaker Calendar

January 27: Corina MommaertsNaoki Aizawa, and Stephanie RennaneExploring Worker and Firm Characteristics that Drive Use of Accommodation for Workers with Disabilities

February 3: CFS hosts information session on Year Five of the RDRC

February 10: Katie Fitzpatrick and Keisha SolomonHealth, Health Insurance, and Financial Security

February 17: Mary HammanStephanie RobertGargi Chaudhuri, and Milanika Turner, The Geography of Long-Term Care: Implications for SSI and Understanding Disparities in Living Arrangements Among Older Adults

February 24: Timothy SmeedingMadelaine L’Esperance, and Jevay GroomsSocial Security Interactions with Child Tax Credit Expansion

March 3: Lawrence M. BergerJ. Michael Collins, and Hilary ShagerThe Power of Linked Administrative Data: Understanding Racial and Ethnic Differences in SSA and Means-Tested Benefit Receipt and Their Anti-Poverty Effects for Children in Multi-generational Families

March 10:Molly Costanzo and Lisa Klein VogelAll in the Family: Parents of Children with Disabilities and Retirement

March 24: Megan Doherty BeaFamily Proximity and Co-Residence in Retirement: Heterogeneity in Residential Changes Across Older Adults’ Economic and Care Contexts

March 31 (Zoom Only): Chris HerbertJennifer Molinsky, Samara Scheckler, and Bonnie Albright, Household Composition, Resource Use and the Resilience of Older Adults Aging in Community During COVID-19

April 7: Erik HembreHousing for SSI Recipients: Expenditures, Quality, and Trends

April 14: Katie Jajtner and Yang WangThe Effect of Public Policies on Work Disability

April 21: Cliff A. RobbMari DeLiema, and Steve WendelEnhancing Trust in the Social Security Administration and E-Government Among People Targeted by Fraud

April 28: Sebastian JilkePamela Herd, and Donald MoynihanThe Downstream Health Effects of SSI Take-up Among Older Adults

May 5: Stephanie MoultonMeta BrownJ. Michael CollinsDonald Haurin, and Cäzilia LoiblThe COVID-19 Pandemic and Older Adults’ Employment and Economic Security: Insights from Earnings and Credit Panel Data