Webinar: CFS presents “LIFT-UP: An Innovative Approach to Municipal Financial Empowerment”

nlclogoThe Center for Financial Security (CFS)  and the National League of Cities (NLC) produced a webinar featuring research findings and future implications of the newly completed evaluation of Local Interventions for Financial Empowerment through Utility Payments (LIFT-UP) program. Listen to Denise Belser of NLC speak on the program’s background; Bonnie Ashcroft, of Houston’s Department of Public Works and Engineering, discuss the participating city perspective; and researcher Stephanie Moulton present on the findings and implications of the program.

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Study Shows National League of Cities’ LIFT-UP Program Helps Cities Recoup Lost Revenue & Families Build Financial Security

The Center for Financial Security conducted the evaluation of LIFT-UP, with CFS researcher Stephanie Moulton leading the study, which shows that participating cities were better able to collect overdue water utility payments with less reliance on costly debt collection agencies or resorting to shutting off service to customers. At the same time, program participants were able to catch up on overdue bills, make more on-time payments and save money on late fees.

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Field Experiments on the Impacts of Financial Planning Interventions for Recent Homebuyers

house-clip-art1Low and moderate-income households are less likely to plan for long term financial goals, including retirement, and are less likely to seek out assistance with long term financial planning.  Offering behavior-based financial planning interventions that leverage technology at teachable moments may prove to be an efficient and effective strategy to reach this vulnerable population.  Stephanie Moulton, Cazilia Loibl, J. Michael Collins, and Anya Savikhin conduct a randomized field experiment to explore this strategy during a teachable stage in the life-cycle: the purchase of a first home.

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