“Check Your Free Credit Report Reminder Campaign” Selected as 1st Place National Winner and 1st Place Central Region Winner in the NEAFCS Annual Awards Program

check your free creditThe University of Wisconsin-Extension’s “Check Your Free Credit Report Campaign” was entered for the Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award and won first place both nationally and in the central region category. The campaign provides a website that walks consumers through the process of obtaining free credit reports, reading them, and dealing with any errors. The campaign also sends reminders to subscribers three times a year, on 2/2, 6/6, 10/10, reminding them to pull their credit on that day. The campaign currently has more than 720 subscribers.

To sign up to receive reminders and access the website, visit: http://fyi.uwex.edu/creditreport/


MyBudgetCoach Pilot Study: Final Report and Summary Brief

my-budget-coachThis pilot study explores the delivery and effectiveness of MyBudgetCoach (MyBC), a financial coaching program designed to help low- and moderate-income adults develop budgeting skills, set financial goals, and work towards those goals. This study compares two modes of program delivery: in-person coaching and fully remote coaching. By testing financial coaching in these two contexts, this project seeks to shed light on how to increase the scale of coaching using technology while maintaining an individualized focus on clients’ goals and promoting behavior change.

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My Classroom Economy Evaluation: Early Findings


Final results of the My Classroom Economy are available at go.wisc.edu/5vxlz5. This brief presents early findings that are updated in the final report and brief.

This brief highlights early findings from the Center for Financial Security’s evaluation of the My Classroom Economy (MyCE) financial education program. MyCE is an experiential approach to teaching financial knowledge and skills. Students learn financial lessons through direct experience: they earn classroom “dollars” for jobs they perform, use this currency to pay rent for their desks, and are subject to bonuses and fines as determined by their teacher. Materials are available free of charge from myclassroomeconomy.org.

The Center for Financial Security has been working with the School District of Palm Beach County to evaluate the program in 113 classrooms across 24 schools during the 2015-2016 school year. This brief highlights results from student, parent, and teacher surveys.

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The evaluation is funded by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Empowerment Innovation  Fund (performed under contract TOS-14F-0028). My Classroom Economy is underwritten and made freely available by Vanguard.

Finding a Yardstick: Field Testing Outcome Measures for Community-based Financial Coaching and Capability Programs

sufficiencyDespite a strong emphasis on building people’s capability to manage their household finances, the “field” lacks a clear set of standards for measuring the condition of any individual’s financial status.  The goal of this report by J. Michael Collins and Collin O’Rourke is to describe a small set of standardized measures that could be worthy of consideration as “benchmarks” for the field.

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