Affiliate Benefits

The CFS staff is committed to helping our affiliates succeed in conducting and disseminating their research. We do this by offering our affiliates the following benefits: Funding Research CFS has expertise in securing foundation, federal and corporate research awards. We help affiliates with identifying funding sources and connecting with potential collaborators.

Pre- and Post-Award Support


  • Assistance in navigating OIP and RSP processes
  • Proposal preparation including developing budgets, formatting and editing.


  • Support for payroll, purchasing and tracking of expenditures
  • Access to centralized computing services (SSCC)
  • Office space and computer use for graduate students
  • Support for hiring undergraduate students
  • Project development and coordination
  • Research compliance assistance, including OMB-PRA, Human Subjects, Effort Certification and COI procedures
  • Coordination of survey development and administration (with UWSC)
  • Manuscript editing

For additional information on, becoming an affiliate researcher or its benefits, contact Infrastructure Specialist Andrea Plassman at or call (608) 890-0508.

Outreach and Dissemination

CFS Affiliates and Fellows have several benefits in the form of outreach and dissemination available to them. These include: webinars, briefs, publicity of relevant affiliate/fellow involvement, and inclusion in CFS presentation/talks menu.

Webinars. CFS offers webinar coordination and production to its Fellows and Affiliates. Webinars are an efficient and effective way to share research findings with a broad audience. CFS will plan, produce, and coordinate the webinar, beginning with inviting and preparing presenters and discussants, organizing the webinar framework, disseminating registration invitations to our 7,000+ listserv, handling of registration and attendee communication, and following with editing and posting the archived webinar recording on our CFS YouTube page.

Briefs. CFS will edit, format, publish, and publicize briefs of Affiliate and Fellow research areas. CFS will format briefs to the standard CFS research brief format. Research briefs are published on the CFS website and are publicized via CFS social media outlets

Publicity. CFS will provide publicity of relevant Affiliate and Fellows publications, events, speaking engagements, and involvement via CFS social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), email blasts, and website promotion.

Presentation and Speaker Menu. CFS provides a list of talks and presentations available by request. This list of talks is published within the UW-Madison Speakers Bureau, listed on the CFS website, and is publicized via the annual CFS year-in-review circular distributed to our listserv. For additional information on, Outreach and Dissemination, contact Outreach Specialist Hallie Lienhardt at or call (608) 890-0229.
Applying for affiliation, click here.