Fall 2022 Speaker Calendar

September 15: Cliff Robb, Professor of Consumer Science, UW Madison, An Early Look at Badger Promise

September 22: Ross Milton, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, UW Madison, The Volatility Penalty: Income Aggregation and Tax Policy

September 29: Chloe East, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Colorado Denver, Caseworker Subjectivity, SNAP benefit receipt, and Labor supply (Appointment Sign-Up)

October 6: Mina Addo, National Poverty Fellow, UW Madison, Retirement income security implications of non-standard work

October 13: Jill Hoiting, Ph.D. Student, UW Madison, “I don’t like all those fees”: Pragmatism about Financial Services among Low-income Parents

October 20: Mathieu Despard, Associate Professor, UNC Greensboro, Healthcare costs share among lower-income households: Cliffs, coverage gaps, and (un)charitable care (Recording & Slides)

October 27: Emma Flanagan, Ph.D. Student, UW Madison, Perceived Learning Costs: Mothers’ Approaches to Financial Resources During the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic

November 3: Melissa Bublitz, Associate Professor of Marketing, UW Oshkosh, Subsidizing Healthy Food Access: moving from food to Nutrition Security

November 10: David Pate, Associate Professor of Social Work, UW Milwaukee, “I thought this was supposed to help?”: How social welfare policy contributes to income instability for low-income families. Appointment sign-up for David Pate

December 1: Katie Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, University of Delaware, Can Food Spending Explain Food Hardship? Leveraging New Data to Predict Food Insufficiency in “Real Time”

December 8: Marci Ybarra, Associate Professor in Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work, UW Madison, Paid Leave and Safety Net Provisions

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