Spring 2019 Speaker Calendar

January 31st: The Center for Financial Security will open the Spring 2019 with a roundtable discussion entitled “Exploring Research Support and Training Opportunities in 2019-2020”

February 7th: Rourke O’Brien, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, and Adam Hayes, CFA, MA in Economics, PhD candidate in Economic Sociology present “Relational Context of Economic Behavior”

February 14th: Cliff Robb, Associate Professor of Consumer Science, presents “Excess Credits and Job Market Impacts”

February 21st: Stephanie Moulton, Associate Professor, Director of Doctoral Studies at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State, presents “Debt Stress and Mortgage Borrowing in Older Age: Implications for Economic Security in Retirement”

February 28th: Nolan Miller, Professor of Finance and Julian Simon Faculty Fellow at the Gies College of Business at University of Illinois, presents “Why Does Disability Increase During Recessions? Evidence from Medicare”

March 7th: Lindsay Jacobs, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, presents “SSDI, Savings, and Labor Force Behavior at Older Ages”.

March 14th: Mary Hamman, Associate Professor of Economics at UW-La Crosse, presents “Incentives for Home and Community Based Care Under the Affordable Care Act: Implications for Supplemental Security Income Receipt”

April 4th: Jordan van Rijn, Senior Economist at CUNA and PhD candidate in Agricultural and Applied Economics, presents “Credit Union vs. Bank Liquidity Risk & Lending During Financial Crisis”

April 11th: Corina Mommaerts, Assistant Professor of Economics, and Anita Mukherjee, Assistant Professor WI School of Business, presents “Frictions in Saving: An Analysis of Unclaimed Retirement Accounts”

April 18th: Molly Costanzo, PhD candidate School of Social Work, presents “Child Care for Families Raising Chldren with Disabilities: The Role of Federal Policies in Equitable Access”

April 25th: Erik Hembre, Assistant Professor of Economics University of Illinois at Chicago, presents “Housing Assistance and SSI Caseload Shifting”