Fall 2018 Speaker Calendar

September 10thArpit Gupta, Professor at NYU School Stern School of Business presents “Selection, Leverage, and Default in the Mortgage Market” (Held in Room 4349, Wisconsin School of Business, Grainger Hall, 975 University Ave.)

September 17thAdam Hayes, CFA, MA in Economics, PhD candidate in Economic Sociology presents “The Active Construction of Passive Investors: Roboadvisors and Rational Investing”

October 1st: Emma Kahle Monahan, MSW, PhD Program in Social Welfare, School of Social Work, presents “To love my kids, to do the best I can”: The parenting experiences of mothers deflected from Milwaukee Child Protective Services”

October 8th: Financial Wellness Working Group Meeting

October 15th: Eirik Brandsaas, Ph.D. Student Finance and Economics, presents “Household Stock Market Participation: The Role of Homeownership”

October 22nd: Andrew Hanson, Professor Economics Department at Marquette University, presents “Does Differential Treatment Translate to Differential Outcomes for Minority
Borrowers? Evidence from Matching a Field Experiment to Loan-Level Data”

October 29th: Emilia Tjernström, Professor La Follette School of Public Affairs, presents “Nonlinear Pricing Complexity and Consumer Behavior”

November 5th: Jirs Meuris, Assistant Professor of Management & Human Resources, presents “Bringing the Person Back in to Personal Finance: Psychological Resources Buffer Against the Performance Costs of Financial Worry”

November 12th: Madelaine L’Esperance, Ph.D. Student Consumer Science, presents “Exploring the Effects of Adolescent Financial Autonomy on Savings and Credit in Young Adulthood”

November 19th: Marissa Eckrote, Research Assistant at Michigan State University, presents “Does Working Longer Mean Waiting Longer? The Impact of Increases in Pensionable Age on Promotion of Younger Workers”

December 3rd: RDRC Round-table discussion