Fall 2017 Speaker Calendar

September 21: Rourke O’Brien Does Viewing FICO Scores Change Financial Behavior? Evidence from a Field Experiment 

September 28: Emilia TjernströmMedia and Motivation: The Effect of Performance Pay on Writers

October 5: Event – FinTech: Innovations for Family Financial Security  

October 12: Jaime LuqueCross-border Mortgage Lending in the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

October 19: Lindsay JacobsEstimating Retirement Preparedness Using the Survey of Consumer Finances

October 26: Erik HembreWhat are the Roles of Mortgages in Retirement?

November 9: Madelaine L’EsperanceThe Effects of Banks in Schools on Elementary Student’s Financial Learning, Attitudes about Banks and Savings: A Field Study

November 16: Tansel YilmazerLate-life Disability, Homeownership, Wealth and Mortality

November 30: Cliff RobbStudent Loans and Life Cycle Decisions 

December 7: J. Michael CollinsFinancial Well Being Over the Life Course: Exploring a New Measure