Fall 2016 Speaker Calendar

September 15: Drew AndersonFinancial Aid for College

September 22: Michael Collins – Evaluation of My Classroom Economy 

September 29: Justin Sydnor – Simplifying Health Insurance

October 6: Rourke O’BrienDisparate Impact? Race, Sex, and the Use of Credit Reports in Hiring

October 13: Kegon TanSocial Security Notch

October 27: Kuan LiuTime to Repay or Time to Delay? The Effect of Having More Time Before a Payday Loan is Due

November 10: Carly UrbanCan Financial Education in High School Affect Aid Packages for College Freshmen? 

November 17: SaradaEntrepreneurship and Wealth Mobility

December 1: Cliff Robb – College Student Financial Behavior: A Social Cognitive Approach

December 8: Madelaine L’esperanceGender and the Division of Household Financial Management