Webinar: CFS presents “Financial Coaching and Medication Adherence: The Potential for a New Model”

Please join us for a webinar to discuss the Center for Financial Security’s new research into the relationship between financial management behaviors and households’ ability to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. The webinar will introduce the “FINMed” financial coaching intervention designed to help families pay for ongoing health care needs.

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The webinar will open with an overview of the Center’s new research into the relationship between household financial behaviors and the ability to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, particularly prescription drugs. Overall, households struggling to manage their finances appear more likely to skip medical treatments due to cost. In turn, failing to follow through on a medical treatment can lead to higher costs and worsening health status. Then the webinar will turn to a new intervention called “FINMed.” FINMed is brief, solution-focused financial coaching session designed for people facing new ongoing out-of-pocket medical expenses. Two discussants will connect the research to their work on the intersection between finances and health. The webinar will end with time for the presenters to respond to audience questions.

J. Michael Collins, Faculty Director of the Center for Financial Security, will discuss the connections between financial management and households’ ability to pay for medical treatment, and then introduce the FINMed coaching model.

Webinar discussants will include:

Allison Espeseth, Development and Operations Manager at Covering Wisconsin (CWI), who will highlight CWI’s work helping families understand and manage the complexities of their health care expenses, including implications for other organizations working in this area. More information is available on CWI’s website: coveringwi.org

Abby Hughes Holsclaw, Director of Member Engagement at Asset Funders Network (AFN), who will highlight AFN’s recent exploration of the connections between health and wealth and the opportunities that exist for more collaboration across organizations in these two fields. More information including a report is available on AFN’s website: assetfunders.org/educate/health-wealth