Webinar: Emergency Savings

coverDate: March 17, 2015

Description: To coincide with the release of A Fragile Balance: Emergency Savings and Liquid Resources for Low-Income Consumers, the Center for Financial Security hosted a webinar about emergency savings.





The webinar featured four contributors to the book:

  • J. Michael Collins, the Center for Financial Security Faculty Director and editor of A Fragile Balance.
  • Ezra Levin, Associate Director of Government Affairs at the Corporation for Enterprise Development and author of the chapter “Upside Down:The Failure of Federal Tax Policies to Support Emergency Savings.”
  • Jessica Dorrance, Research Associate at UNC Center for Community Capital and co-author of the chapter “Building Emergency Savings Through ‘Impulse Savings.'”
  • Ingrid Holguin, Savings Program Director at Opportunity Fund and author of the chapter “Start2Save: Helping Working Families Meet Unexpected Expenses and Opportunities.”