Webinar: Financial Clarity – An Overview of Financial Services and Concepts

financialclarityDate: January 28, 2015

Description: The Center for Financial Security hosted a webinar featuring Lucy Delgadillo, Associate Professor at Utah State University and CFS Research Fellow, who presented her recent paper “Financial Clarity: Education, Literacy, Capability, Counseling, Planning and Coaching.”

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Peggy Olive, Financial Capability Specialist at UW-Extension and Jamie Letcher from Summit Credit Union, served as discussants. They spoke from the perspective of counseling, education, and planning to give a practical perspective on when these financial services or concepts are used for clients, how they differ from other services, and experiences/insights that these professionals can offer on their specific field of practice.

Lucy M. Delgadillo, Ph.D.
Lucy M. Delgadillo, Ph.D.
Peggy Olive, MSW
Jamie Letcher, CRPC