Family Financial Security Symposium

2010symposiumDate: April 19 and 20, 2010

Description: The CFS convened researchers, practitioners and policymakers to explore challenges and opportunities in consumers’ financial literacy and stability. The event, “Family Financial Security: Implications for Policy and Practice,” introduced some of the most recent and cutting-edge studies that bring new insights into economic behavior.

The symposium addressed three key research questions:

How do people choose and use financial products? 
How do people save and borrow?
What helps support financial security in retirement?

Across two days and four panels, presenters and discussants shared research on financial security. The Center for Financial Security has published the Symposium proceedings to provide a summary of the conversations from this event.



American Family Insurance Researchers Discuss Findings About Their Consumers With Families by Toni Gnewuch and Joshua Morrill

Debt Literacy, Financial Experiences, and Overindebtedness by Annamaria Lusardi

Debt Settlement vs. Debt Management and Industry Implications by Professor Michael Staten

Debt Should Not Be a Safety Net by Carolina Reid

Financial Management Behaviors and Divorce by Jeffrey Dew, Ph.D.

How Catastrophes Affect the Demand for Life Insurance by Jim Carson

Mortgage Origination and Implications for Public Policy by Carolina Reid

Prepaid Debit Cards and Whether or Not They Are Good For Customers byJenifer Romich

The Two-Day Symposium and its Categorization of Different Types of People by Irene Skricki


Beyond the Bottom Line: Relationship Reasons to Practice Thrift by Jeffrey Dew

Catastrophes and the Demand for Life Insurance by Stephen Fier

Cognitive Abilities and Household Financial Decision Making by Sumit Agarwal and Bhashkar Mazumder

Debt Literacy, Financial Experiences and Overindebtedness by Annamaria Lusardi and Peter Tufano

Designing Disclosures to Improve Consumer Financial Decision Making: Lessons Learned from Consumer Testing by Jeanne M. Hogarth and Ellen A. Merry

Discounting and Defaulting: Evidence from Time Preference Experiments and Administrative Credit Data by Stephan Meier and Charles Sprenger

Financial Literacy, Evidence from the Cusp of Retirement by Jason Seligman

Frame Changin’: How Presence of a Child Impacts Provider Selection and Satisfaction in The Insurance Industry by Joshua Morrill and Toni Gnewuch

Sought or Sold: Understanding the Linkages Between Origination Channel and Consumer Choice in the Mortgage Market by Carolina Reid

StabilityFirst Pilot Test by Gregory Mills

A Tool for Getting By or Getting Ahead? Consumers’ Views on Prepaid Cards by Jennifer Romich, Eric Waithaka and Sarah Gordon


 American Family Insurance

The CBM Credit Foundation

Summit Credit Union

The Ruth S. Dickie Foundation (SOHE)