1. IRP Seminar with CFS Affiliate, Fenaba Addo

    October 16
    12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Recent Publications

Overview of Financial Coaching Written by J. Michael Collins, September 2014


Financial Coaching: An Asset Building Strategy Written by J. Michael Collins, August 2014


AARP Foundation Finances 50+ Written by J. Michael Collins & Hallie B. Lienhardt, July 2014


Financial Counseling and Financial Access Among Job Training Participants Written by J. Michael Collins, Nathalie Gons, & Kasey Wiedrich, April 2014


Financial Education and Account Access Among Elementary Students. Written by J. Michael Collins, Elizabeth Odders-White, & Kasey Wiedrich, April 2014

When the Meaning of Home is Financially Exhausting: How Families in Foreclosure are Motivated to Exhaust Their Wealth. Written by Hannah Thomas, 2013


Housing Instability among College Students Written by Katharine Broton and Sara Goldrick-Rab, October 2013



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